More than Just Christmas Light installation

Titan Painting offers a variety of different services that we can perform on your home or business. We provide multiple services all at the same trip, or schedule individually.

Roof and gutter cleaning clark county

Roof & Gutter Cleaning in Vancouver and Portland

With the rainy season coming, but sure you home is prepared! Cleaning and protecting your roof is a vital step to preserving its integrity and the longevity of your entire home not to mention it just looks better! At Titan painting we provide gentle non invasive methods to clean moss and other nasty's off your roof. We are always cautious of children, pets and your plants so we use nontoxic methods that won't harm your loved ones or the environment.

Having clean and free flowing gutters is not just for cosmetics. Sure it looks bad to have black dirt streaks on your gutters, but did you know your gutters serve a greater purpose besides keeping the rain from running onto your head? Gutters redirect the flow of water away from the foundation of your home. If your gutter is clogged or restricted in any way, rain water will pool up and fall alongside your foundation. With the amount of rain and the intense storms we have here in the northwest this can cause water to seep in under your foundation, into the walls of your home and cause severe long-term damage.

power washing vancouver wa

Power washing your home, walkways, driveways, or fencing.

Fall and winter a great times to get your home cleaned. Power washing not only makes your home look better it is a maintenance necessity you should do ever year. You wash your car once a month maybe more to protect the paint and keep it looking good. So you also need to do this with your home which is a even greater asset than your car. While we power wash your home, we remove any pests that may be borrowing their way into your siding. During this time we also conduct an inspection of your exterior and can caulk or perform any needed repairs to your siding to assure it is in sound condition.

When we power wash your home, driveway, walkways or fence, we use a antimicrobial solution that is safe on the environment but kills mold and mildew. This prevents it from resurfacing quickly. Algae, and other slime is slippery and can be dangerous when went. We have large equipment made for driveways and walkways that in conjunction with the antimicrobial solution is sure to clean them off.

Titan Painting will winterize your home

To be sure your home is ready for freezing temperatures, have Titan get it ready. We offer a variety of services of which include draining your hoses, placing insulated covers on spigot and in foundation vents, applying moss prevention to your roof, check and apply weather stripping on doors and windows, power washing and gutter cleaning, even seal your concrete driveway and sidewalks. We do it all so you know it is done right and so you don't have to.

interior painting portlan or

Your choice for Interior painting in Vancouver and Portland

There is no better time to get the interior of your home painted than the winter months! You spend more time indoors during the 9 months of rain in the northwest so why not enjoy it! Adding color to you walls livens up each room. Color actually instills emotion, so having the right colors in each room truly sets the desired mood.

At Titan Painting we offer a free color consultation with a professional interior decorator to every one of our interior painting customers. This provides you an expert to help recommend and select the right colors for each room. We'll help you pick what is right for you. Want something fun, timeless, trendy, new colors of 2011, cozy, or some help finding colors to break the winter blues? Titan Painting is your solution! Are you worried about the fumes associated with painting? Don't worry we always recommend NON VOC paint which doesn't contain any of the harmful or obnoxious smells.

Each of our painters, like all of our staff, have a clean back ground check, are drug free, speak fluent English, and are dedicated to doing a quality job. Choosing Titan for your interior painting means you get your job done right the first time, done on time, and done at a fair price. When visitors or ever when you walk in your home it will be a huge difference! From the colors to the spectacular craftsmanship in the application of paint, we guarantee you'll be a satisfied customer!

clark county painting

Exterior Painting in Portland and Vancouver

Even in the cold and rainy months we are able to provide a quality paint job to the exterior of homes. We use high quality paints that are quick drying and have no trouble bonding at 35 degrees. The main difference for us to paint your home in the winter compared to the summer is we have to be conscious of the humidity. Therefore we obviously don't paint in pouring rain and our work days are shorter to allow for proper dry times and bonding. We typically begin painting around 10:00am in the winter months and stop at 2:00pm to allow for the paint to dry. This process assures a long lasting product but simply extends the time for the job to be completed. The cost of painting exterior in the winter is no different than the summer, it only takes more time due to the shorter work days and dodging really rainy days.

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